Don't Sell, Help Buy

with a Digital Sales Room

Simplify sales collateral distribution and collaboration between you and your prospects.
Reduce friction. Increase productivity. Close deals faster.
A Digital Sales Room example by emlen.

Loved by the best revenue teams

Skyrocket revenue with a stellar buying experience

+35 %

Faster Deal Cycles

+25 %

More Buyer Engagement

+27 %

Higher Win Rates

Say "Goodbye" to Content Chaos

The days are gone from "I can't find the right content asset". Organize all your sales content in one place where your sales reps can find and send it in seconds.
Keep your sales content hub up to date and help your sales team find the right content for every situation with your buyer thanks to intelligent metadata.

With real-time analytics, see the performance of each content asset and gain key insights to make better decisions to grow your business.

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Sales Content Management with emlen is as easy as 1,2,3.
A Digital Sales Room is created in a couple of seconds with emlen.

Enable business without friction and beat the competition

Redefine your sales content distribution. No more juggling for your buyers between multiple e-mail threads, links, attachments & different tools. emlen redefines and streamlines your sales follow-up by providing a single branded digital sales room that hosts all of the sales collateral, the possibility to leave notes, collaborate in real time via chat or video and digitally sign your offer.

So your buyer always knows where to find everything and allows them to drive the deal themselves. #BuyerLedGrowth

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Focus on the customers more likely to close

Identify where there is real buying interest and who is currently probably just wasting your time. Potential buyers with high interaction and engagement with your destinations will be shown to you preferentially thanks to our algorithm.

Keep track of your high potential buyers at all times and win more deals thanks to intelligent insights.

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With a Digital Sales Room by emlen you get real-time insights about interaction and engagement of your prospects.

Integrate with your current tools and scale revenue

Enrich your CRM or marketing automation platform with intelligent customer insights thanks to our plug&play integrations and increase the data quality of your customers. Stay on top of your buyers' journeys at all times.

Thanks to our native integrations with Hubspot and Salesforce, you can even create, manage and analyze your digital sales rooms from it.

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The easiest way to take your sales follow-up to
the next level.

Rich Features You'll Love

Embed any type of content

From product demos, presentations to website links to videos. Update any time. No limits.

Communicate in real-time

Be it notes, pin comments, chat or video calls with screen sharing - everything you need to communicate with your buyers.

Track engagement

Know the status of your buyers' interaction and engagement at any time. Synced with your CRM and Slack.

Brand it your way

Make it your own and let your Digital Sales Room shine. Custom domain, logo, font or colors, and everything in-between.

Share securely

Secure your Digital Sales Room with additional password, double opt-in or email authentication.

Stay compliant

emlen is proudly made in Germany and is 100% GDPR compliant.

"With emlen, prospects receive only one link to their always-on digital sales room, rather than individual attachments and links in a series of emails. Analytics allow us to determine what is being interacted with in the first place and therefore what is relevant."

Florian Hollfelder

Senior Account Executive @ CANDIS

"emlen has built the product the right way around. They first focused on a simple and delightful way to consume the content and decided to deal with content management later as they grow. After all, it's all about who consumes the content, not the one delivering it."

Olivier Ranunkel

Sales Enablement Lead @ MEWS

"We use emlen's digital sales rooms throughout the entire customer journey, from the first touchpoint to the signing of the contract - which is ideal for uns & the customer.""

Jakob Hubloher

Head of Sales @ melibo

"Through emlen's digital sales rooms, I see who is interacting with our content and how, so we know exactly which content is most interesting for which target group."

Jonaes Leu

Head of Business Development @ Classtime

"After the discovery meeting with a potential customer, within a couple of seconds  I create a highly personalized and individualized digital sales room for the relevant buying center."

Philipp Moder

Founder & CEO @ Phocus Direct Communication

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