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Buying Center Alignment

Buying Center Alignment

Bring the entire buying center together in one collaborative space. Share content specifically by role, create mutual action plans with to do's, and build consensus until deal closing.

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Sellers struggle to effectively engage and align stakeholders

More stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process
Gaining access to decision-makers is hard
B2B sales take longer to close than initially anticipated

emlen helps to solve these problems

Organize and share helpful resources in one place

Add case studies, videos, security documentation, order forms, and other resources used in the buying journey for stakeholders to easily access and view.

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Account Executive
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Torsten Stein
Head of Sales
Alicia Muller
Account Executive

Engage buyers early and improve multi-threading

Employ stakeholder mapping to engage decision-makers at an early stage. Utilize buyer engagement data to track the progress of each deal, including updates on completed to do’s, accessed resources, and feedback from the whole buying center.

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Maintain momentum and stop deals from stalling

Drive deals forward by establishing next steps, ownership, and deadlines approved by buyers. Collaborate on setting a go-live date and collectively work towards it, ensuring clear expectations for both sellers and buyers.

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See what sales leaders say about emlen

Our problem was there were many people having different versions of one and the same presentation. emlen's content hub resolved this by providing a centralized, up-to-date repository for all sales materials, ensuring uniformity and accessibility.

Julia Lotz
Business Development Manager at Bookwire

We create personalized emlen collaborative spaces after the first interaction. This approach allowed for more dynamic engagement, providing tailored content that met each client's specific needs

Alexander Graff
Head of Corporate Business at Schweitzer Fachinformationen

The team feels confident using emlen and being able to share real-time information with prospects. emlen has streamlined the sales process, improved the buying experience, and facilitated a more professional presentation of Babbel's brand and offerings.

Lindsay Lydon
Head of B2B Sales at Babbel

Now we use emlen to distribute the content and to give it to our prospects. We have the chance to gain insights on the prospects and documents that are the most important for them. These insights into customer engagement and intent have significantly improved sales funnel management and lead qualification.

Chiara-Sofie Heinrichs
Sales Manager at datango