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Our vision

Our vision at emlen is to enable B2B business without friction. #buyerledgrowth

“We are building the next-gen sales enablement solution that simplifies the exchange of valuable sales content and collaboration between seller and buyer.”

Since our launch at the end of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, hundreds of the best B2B sales teams have been using emlen every day to create the best B2B buyer journeys for their prospects and customers.

Our story

Our journey started with a simple realization: B2B sales and buying shouldn't be complicated or boring. Like you, we've experienced the frustration of endless negotiations and emails.


Our co-founders, Max (Operations & Finance), Marc (GTM), Kristian (Product & Tech)

Inspired by the ease of online shopping, we envisioned emlen as a solution where buying and selling is as straightforward as picking out your favorite shoes. Our goal is simple.

We want to make the B2B sales and buying process smooth, enjoyable, and yes, even fun!

Our vision is proudly supported by our investors

Our core values

We seek collaborative creativity in our diverse team

Our team is an art toolbox full of different colors and brushes. When colors blend and brushes work together, we can create a masterpiece. In essence, we believe diverse perspectives and ideas can lead to more effective solutions than any individual could achieve alone.

We are buyer-centric at heart

We guide sellers towards a buyer enablement mindset, empowering them to better serve their buyers' needs. By doing so, buyers can make faster and more confident purchasing decisions, driving mutual success. We firmly believe that buyer enablement is the ultimate sales enablement strategy.

We apply a doer's mindset to every endeavour

Have you ever seen a determined squirrel gathering nuts for the winter? That's the kind of doer's mindset we adopt in every endeavor. We don't just talk about getting things done; we take action and get results.

We embrace growth through a healthy feedback culture

Feedback is to us what sunshine and rain are to a plant. We don't shy away from constructive criticism – we embrace it as an opportunity to grow stronger and better.

Our team

With more than 5 nationalities and over thirty bright minds across Europe, we embrace contractors, freelancers, and full-time employees alike. We invite you to commit to joining us for offsites twice a year, ensuring you become an integral part of our community.

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