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Only invest time in buyers with the highest potential

Connect your sales team and buyers

Start creating collaborative spaces as the initial touch-point for your buyers. Track their engagement level, get insights into who’s really interested and who’s not to prioritize your outreach.

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Qualifying sales opportunities is getting harder

You waste time on dead opportunities
You can’t get the timing right for the follow-up
You lack insights into your buyers behavior

So it’s time to change your approach!

Stop wasting time searching for the right content

Drowned in admin tasks like searching sales content and following-up your prospects? You're not alone.

Our sales content management hub and templates streamline your follow-ups  You'll find and share the right content faster, freeing up time for selling. Now you can boost productivity and better serve your buyer needs.

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Stop reaching out to buyers when they are
not interested

Instead of sending hundreds of emails without knowing if your offering is relevant, create collaborative spaces where your prospects can find the relevant information they need in one place.

emlen provides real-time insights into when your buyers are active. By identifying the right moments for engagement, you can ensure your efforts are timely and more likely to result in conversions.

Discover emlen's impact on your sales team

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Gain insights on your buyers when you’re not in the same room

Start initial conversation with your buyers by inviting them to a collaborative space with all the relevant sales content and information.

Track their engagement level, see what content they're interested in, gain insights into their behavior, qualify them, and optimize your next follow-up based on your buyers needs.

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See what sales leaders say about emlen

Our problem was there were many people having different versions of one and the same presentation. emlen's content hub resolved this by providing a centralized, up-to-date repository for all sales materials, ensuring uniformity and accessibility.

Julia Lotz
Business Development Manager at Bookwire

We create personalized emlen collaborative spaces after the first interaction. This approach allowed for more dynamic engagement, providing tailored content that met each client's specific needs

Alexander Graff
Head of Corporate Business at Schweitzer Fachinformationen

The team feels confident using emlen and being able to share real-time information with prospects. emlen has streamlined the sales process, improved the buying experience, and facilitated a more professional presentation of Babbel's brand and offerings.

Lindsay Lydon
Head of B2B Sales at Babbel

Now we use emlen to distribute the content and to give it to our prospects. We have the chance to gain insights on the prospects and documents that are the most important for them. These insights into customer engagement and intent have significantly improved sales funnel management and lead qualification.

Chiara-Sofie Heinrichs
Sales Manager at datango