[Case Study]: MEWS - Making Sales Content Work

Marc Grewenig
March 1, 2022
5 mins

About MEWS

The tech company Mews, headquartered in Prague, is a cloud-based property management software (PMS) provider building transformational technology for the hospitality industry. Mews enables great service for hotels and groups of hotels by simplifying the management of a hospitality business enabling hoteliers to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

In the hospitality industry, time is the most critical resource. Conventional PMS systems are used to manage front-office capabilities, including booking reservations, guest check-in/check-out, billing, and room rates. By automating these activities, PMS solutions replace time-consuming, paper-intensive processes that make up hotel administrative tasks.

With its SaaS technology, Mews systems make data more transparent and store it where it can be accessed much more effectively, saving hoteliers time and money. The Mews philosophy is about connecting people and services through technology to facilitate unforgettable experiences.

"The fact that emlen, as opposed to the older sales enablement systems, has built the product the right way around. They first focused on a simple and delightful way to consume the content and decided to deal with content management later as they grow. After all, it's all about who consumes the content, not the one delivering it."

Oliver Ranunkel - Sales Enablement Lead

Challenges for MEWS

Mews isn’t just a PMS provider; it’s also a think tank consisting of hotel industry insiders, product developers, and managers, as well as UX experts with years of experience under their respective belts. In addition to providing state-of-the-art software technology, Mews offers specialized expertise aiding hoteliers to build brand strength and generate new business.

The challenge for Mews wasn’t creating content that their consumers value. Rather, how to centralize and streamline their upstream marketing processes to use content as a true sales asset as well. Let’s examine the challenges Mews’ sales content management system presented.

Challenge #1: Control and Management

Mews had a lot of information in sales and marketing as well as educational materials such as videos, studies, presentations, and webinar recordings. Yet, despite these vast stores of data, Mews suffered from an endemic problem: mass data fragmentation. Content assets were available but fragmented over so many different platforms that it took considerable time and energy to find the right content.

Lack of a central library of assets meant that Mews couldn’t organize content in a way that delivers meaningful value. Mews was looking for a solution to streamline content production and distribution that could be accessed anytime and anywhere: from the office and remotely.

Mews required a scalable sales content management platform that went beyond spreadsheets and Google Drive. Mews was looking for a high-performance sales content hub.

Challenge #2: Delivering Consistency

Especially in the sales outreach, Mews struggled to maintain a consistent brand voice. Mews had a goal to deliver an experience to customers that was consistent in order to enforce brand credibility and trust.

Due to the variety of content distribution channels, delivering a consistent experience to target prospects and existing customers was quite the challenge. Mews was looking for a system that would help curate content to take their audience on a preset journey.

Challenge #3: Personalization

The hospitality industry is incredibly competitive. Generic “one-size-fits-all” content is unlikely to interest the Mews target audience. Plus, content, even with added value, remains unsuccessful if not tailored to the recipient. Mews had a very manual and time-consuming process when it came to personalization that involved copy-pasting and adjusting details.

A significant part of taking customers on a personalized journey is classifying content to different buyer personas, sales stages, and campaigns. Mews required a system that would distribute content as a uniform but personalized experience. It is about enabling the buyer.

Solution: Creating a High-Performance Sales Content Hub & Buyer Enablement with emlen

To meet its content marketing & sales goals, Mews required a solution that would enable them to give customers a seamless and perfectly tailored experience. But first, they needed to centralize content across departments.

Mews opted for emlen to centralize all their readily available content into a content hub. By creating a central library of content assets, Mews could manage all its content formats easily, from videos to blog articles and PDFs.

The next step was to develop a user-centered tag strategy that would enable automatic matching. All content assets in the library were classified according to meta tags such as buyer personas and sales funnel stage. Mews can now deliver the right content to the right audience with individually tailored content destinations, ensuring a seamless content experience across all touchpoints.

With the emlen content hub, Mews now manages their content assets in just one place and has experienced the following meaningful benefits:

  • Increased employee confidence in content creation and distribution. All invited users in the company have access to the content hub. As a result, no content is in slack, and only the latest, approved content is in circulation.
  • High adoption. The emlen technology is simple and easy to navigate, which ensures consistency in adoption.
  • Pick & mix is now possible. There’s no longer a need to copy and paste when creating sales emails. With emlen, content assets can now be curated, orchestrated and distributed individually in seconds - the buyer takes center stage and always has the relevant information at hand.

One other advantage is that Mews can now measure the performance of individual content assets. With emlen content intelligence, it’s possible to see how different assets are used by the sales teams and their engagement rates.

Conclution: The Buyer Experience Matters

In the digital landscape, content is any marketing & sales team’s secret weapon. Marketing now involves creating content geared towards answering customers’ questions and highlighting the benefits of your products and/or service offering. These content assets are extremely valuable and are a practical approach to building genuine relationships with customers.

Engaging and exciting content enables your business to generate leads, accelerate buyer’s journey and ultimately boost revenue streams. From a business perspective, content is an actual, measurable asset. It goes without saying that the content marketing landscape is more saturated than ever, especially in fast-paced industries such as hospitality.

In a nutshell, Mews wanted to make their distribution of content assets remarkable. And this is where emlen came in.

Marc Grewenig