[Case Study]: Candis - Holistic Experience for Sales Content

Marc Grewenig
August 10, 2022
5 mins

CANDIS is a modern invoice management software with a wide range of functions

- Automated collection and capture of invoices
- Collaboration in user-defined workflows
- A powerful archive with seamless data import and export
- An error-preventing safety net
Facilitation of payments

The CANDIS Promise: A simple, intuitive and beautiful user interface, plug-and-play setup and integration, and a virtual accounting wizard that has your back. We free your organization from signature folders, Excel & email and save - time and effort of your invoicing processes.

1. Challenge for Candis

Content decentralized and lack of experience with content

The Candis Sales team was already using a variety of sales materials for daily customer communications. The request for new materials was made to Marketing, but the content was distributed in many places: There were local PDFs, files in the CRM, in Google Drive, on the homepage, etc.

Thus, it was burdensome and often time-consuming for the sales team to locate the content and determine if it was the right one.

Communication with customers and prospects involved sending sequences of emails that contained a collection of links and PDF attachments. Candis' expectation at this point was to create a more engaging experience with the content that would encourage recipients to engage more fully with the content.

2. Requirements for a solution

Centralize content and delight customers with content

Candis was looking for a solution that would allow the team in both Sales and Marketing to access content from one central location. Content also needed to be structured and easy to find. On the receiving end, customers used to receive a series of emails with individual file attachments and links. Once the e-mail was sent, however, it was no longer possible for the sales team to track whether the content had been interacted with at all or to what depth.

3. Solution with emlen

Create outstanding buyer experiences

CANDIS chose emlen for its performance in 3 areas: The powerful and AI-powered content management, the novel buying experience through customized destinations, and the powerful analytics. The Candis team is now able to not only analyze interactions with sales collateral in real time, but also draw conclusions about the relevance of individual content types. As a result, content planning and creation becomes more efficient and can be ROI-oriented.

Marc Grewenig