[Case Study]: LAPID - Enhancing Sales Content Management and Buyer Engagement

Marc Grewenig
August 24, 2023


LAPID is a leading provider of innovative solutions for vehicle identification and customer communication in the automotive industry. The company specializes in offering digital vehicle identification systems that enhance security, efficiency, and customer experience. With a diverse range of products and services, LAPID aims to streamline processes and improve customer engagement for automotive businesses.


Before implementing emlen, LAPID faced difficulties in accessing and utilizing sales content effectively. Sales representatives struggled to locate relevant materials, resulting in limited utilization of available content during the sales follow-up process. This lack of content engagement hindered LAPID's ability to effectively communicate with potential customers, impacting sales conversion rates.


To address the challenge of content management and sales follow-up, LAPID implemented emlen, a centralized content hub designed to provide quick and easy access to sales materials. emlen offered LAPID a unified platform where all sales content, including product brochures, case studies, videos, and presentations, could be organized, updated, and readily accessed by the sales team.


The adoption of emlen brought significant benefits to LAPID's sales operations:

  • Increased Content Usage and Engagement: With emlen's centralized hub, LAPID's sales team could easily locate and share relevant content with potential customers in a modern way by using digital sales rooms. This streamlined approach improved content usage and enhanced engagement during the sales cycle, as representatives had access to comprehensive and up-to-date materials.
  • Improved Sales Follow-Up: The implementation of emlen facilitated a unified sales follow-up process. Sales representatives could leverage the centralized hub to provide consistent and timely information to prospects, resulting in improved customer experience and increased conversion rates. The streamlined approach enabled LAPID to efficiently nurture prospects and close deals.
  • Time Savings: emlen's intuitive interface and efficient search functionality saved LAPID's sales team considerable time previously spent searching for appropriate sales content. This time-saving aspect allowed representatives to focus more on building relationships with customers and addressing their specific needs, ultimately leading to more effective sales interactions.

Summary and Conclusion:

By leveraging emlen's centralized content hub, LAPID successfully addressed their content management and sales follow-up challenges. The implementation of emlen resulted in increased content usage and engagement from potential customers, leading to improved conversion rates. Additionally, LAPID's sales team experienced significant time savings, enabling them to allocate more time to meaningful customer interactions.

In conclusion, LAPID's adoption of emlen positively impacted their sales operations by revolutionizing content management and streamlining the sales follow-up process. The centralized content hub provided quick and easy access to sales materials, resulting in increased content usage, improved engagement, and significant time savings. As the customer quote suggests, emlen played a significant role in enhancing LAPID's content interaction rates during the sales cycle.

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Marc Grewenig