Harmonize your sales follow-up to delight your buyers

From sales content distribution, to collaboration, to close deals.
Master your sales follow-up with our Digital Sales Room.
Use-Case: Sales Content Management
Shared content hub across your revenue team. Find the right content at your fingertips, every time and for every situation. Curate & orchestrate super fast.
Use Case: Sales Content Distribution
Facilitate the exchange of valuable content between you and your buyers with a digital sales room, empowering them to make better decisions.
Use-Case: Deal Collaboration
Implement call-to-actions such as meeting calendars, communicate via chat or pin comments to quickly answer your buyers' queries.
Use-Case: Deal Prioritization
Get insights which deals are hot on click-through rates, content consumption, interaction & engagement. All in real time via notifications & in your CRM.

"Thanks to emlen, we can provide our prospects with all the information clearly instead of sending countless e-mails. For us, it's a huge reduction in workload." Steffen Krick, Head of Sales @ Adacor

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How does it work?


Generate a custom Digital Sales Room with sales content, collaboration elements and much more in seconds.


Share your Digital Sales Room with your buyers with just one link. Update on the fly to wow your buyers.


Receive real-time notifications about your buyers' interaction and engagement to prioritize hot deals.

The secret weapon for your
Go-to-Market team

From top-of-the-funnel like marketing campaigns,
to sales follow-up to closing, to onboarding. End-to-end.
#1 Buyer Enablement Platform.

For Marketing

For Outbound Sales

For Account Execution

For Sales Enablement

For Customer Onboarding

Rich features you'll love

Embed any type of content

From product demos, presentations to website links to videos. Update any time. No limits.

Communicate in real-time

Be it notes, pin comments, chat or video calls with screen sharing - everything you need to communicate with your buyers.

Track engagement

Know the status of your buyers' interaction and engagement at any time. Synced with your CRM and Slack.

Brand it your way

Make it your own and let your Digital Sales Room shine. Custom domain, logo, font or colors, and everything in-between.

Share securely

Secure your Digital Sales Room with additional password, double opt-in or email authentication.

Stay compliant

emlen is proudly made in Germany and is 100% GDPR compliant.

Got questions?
We’re here to enable you!

What are the best use-cases for emlen?

emlen is a buyer enablement platform that facilitates the exchange of valuable content between you and your buyers, empowering them to make better decisions during their interactions.

So whenever you share sales content with your customers, regardless of quantity, emlen is the perfect match for your sales content distribution.

Other use cases include sales content management, champion enablement, and deal prioritization based on interaction & engagement with your content.

Can I style (whitelabel) the Digital Sales Room?

Yes, you can transfer the Digital Sales Rooms completely into your corporate identity. Starting with the domain, favicon, logo, font and colors (Pro, Premium, Enterprise Plans). And much more!

How does the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) work?

We will be happy to arrange a PoC for at least 3 months and work with you towards your goals with emlen. Our dedicated Buyer Enablement and Customer Success team will support you during the PoC from onboarding to usage and queries.

What happens after the PoC?

After the successful PoC, we talk about the rollout within your company and work out the next steps together with you to further improve your sales follow-up & buyer experience.

Can I upgrade my account at anytime?

Yes, thanks to our flexible packages and user licenses you can upgrade or add new user licenses on your own at any time.

Are there discounts for yearly plans?

Yes, for annual contracts we are happy to give you a 10% discount on your entire plan.

Which modes of payment do you accept?

To guarantee a smooth billing process, you can simply choose between credit card and SEPA direct debit. Your payment method not listed? No problem, please contact us and we will find a solution together.

Is my data secure?

We know that you trust us with sensitive data. That's why we handle it carefully and protect it. Because our servers are located in the European Union and our headquarters in Germany, we comply with the Federal Data Protection Act.

In addition, we conclude an order data processing agreement with all customers to create even more transparency.

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