[Case Study]: Aucotec - Enhancing overall Buying Experience through simple provisioning of content

Marc Grewenig
Aug 14, 2023
5 mins


AUCOTEC AG is a leading provider of engineering software for the complete life cycle of machines, plants and mobile systems. Their flagship product, Engineering Base (EB), streamlines the design and documentation processes for complex engineering projects. AUCOTEC serves various industries and offers training and support services to ensure customer success.


Before using emlen, AUCOTEC had no visibility into prospect engagement with their emailed collaterals. This hindered their ability to assess effectiveness and optimize strategies making it difficult to connect with decision makers, capture their attention, and generate initial interest. Moreover, their highly technical offerings required extensive information exchange throughout the sales cycle, highlighting the importance of effective communication and knowledge transfer.


emlen's platform facilitates effective communication and streamlines the knowledge transfer process for AUCOTEC's complex offerings. It provides a centralized hub for information exchange, ensuring no data is lost and simplifying access for prospects and customers throughout the sales cycle.

Furthermore emlen provides valuable insights into prospect engagement enabling AUCOTEC to more effectively connect with decision makers, spark interest, and establish meaningful connections.


By implementing emlen's buyer enablement software solution, AUCOTEC greatly improved the overall effectiveness and success sales efforts

  • Content and Deal Room Analytics: valuable insights into prospect engagement with marketing materials
  • Improved sales cycle efficiency with centralized information access
  • Enhanced Customer Experience:  the overall buying experience for prospects and customers

Summary and Conclusion:

AUCOTEC faced the challenge of limited insights on prospect and content engagement, reaching decision makers, and a complex sales cycle. Emlen’s buyer enablement platform provides valuable engagement insights, streamlines content delivery, and provides a centralized hub for sales content. With the implementation of emlen AUCOTEC AG improved visibility and now captures more interest, and enhances the overall buying experience for prospects.

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Marc Grewenig