How We Stay On Top of Buyer Engagement With Slack and emlen

Shah Rukh Khan
Feb 9, 2023

Okay everyone, today, let us share a secret. Are you ready to uncover how we stay on top of our game and make sure our buyers get the right attention they need? 

Our buyer enablement team stays on the cutting edge of the latest and hottest ways to enable our buyers in solving their most pressing needs, and a crucial part of doing so is knowing what they need help with.

Since the buying process in B2B has dramatically changed over the last decade and B2B buyers now spend 70-80% of their time researching a product before they ever talk to a Sales rep, it becomes increasingly difficult to pin-point their needs and challenges.

But the data is all there to begin with, and you just need to have the right tools implemented the right way and voilà, you can have the insights you need to serve and delight them throughout their buying journey with you.

The way we do it is as follows:

1. Sending an emlen instead of emails

The first step is to change the age-old method of sending the same boring emails with 20 attachments and hoping your buyer will go through all the collateral and come back to you all excited and ready to buy. 

If you still believe buyers give a damn about your company or services, we have some bad news for you. No one is willing to do the heavy work of going through a sea of content before they find what they are looking for. And do you know how many total email attachments ever get opened? Only 6%. Good luck taking your chances with that. :) 

What we do instead is send our prospects an emlen destination. A destination is one single link that leads them to a neat little microsite tailor-made just for them. So right off the bat, they get a royal treatment with a nice looking, über-personalized content portal where they can browse through all the information they need in a Netflix-like way. And not just that, this is their single point of reference for everything until they sign the contract. This is where they can communicate with their Sales rep in case of any questions, invite their team members or other stakeholders instead of forwarding them a bunch of PDFs, host group calls/chats and pretty much do anything else they would require to get an internal consensus and make a decision.

2. Seeing the engagement insights in emlen

As your buyers go through your content in the emlen destination, you get the insights you need to help them solve their challenges. For instance, if you shared with them a blog on “10 ways to boost your Sales team’s productivity”, you will be able to see how often they viewed that and how much time they spent on it. This will probably mean that they are struggling with this pain point and if your tool can help them solve it, wouldn’t they love to have that conversation?

This and a host of other such insights make emlen a very powerful tool to have in your arsenal. 

3. Getting real-time buyer engagements notifications in Slack

The third step to complete this magic trick is to connect emlen with your Slack account and choose the channel where you want to receive engagement updates. So now whenever a prospect engages with your content, you get notified on Slack. We recommend creating a separate channel for it and adding all your customer-facing teams to it. 

Not only does it notify the relevant Sales reps, it also gives a nice dose of dopamine to your team and helps keep the morale up whenever they see prospects engage with their destination.

And to top it all off, it gives your Sales team the gold nuggets of information about the buyers’ pains and needs so they can do a stellar job of enabling them to become a delighted paying customer. 

That’s it. With these 3 simple steps, we manage to stay on top of our buyers’ needs and can serve them better when they are ready to talk.

If you would like to test this out and like to see how an emlen destination could look like in your own branding, book a demo with us. 

Shah Rukh Khan